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Note: This Windows software is supplied free, but with no guarantees of any kind. Use at your own risk.

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The original concertina keyboard diagrams at The Concertina Library were produced using Micrografx Picture Publisher (PP), now swallowed up by the Correl Empire and alas no more. To make it easier to continue to produce keyboard diagrams in the same style, without needing to learn how to use PP or having to worry if it could still be obtained in the future, I wrote a program to do the same job. Later keyboard diagrams were produced using this program, and I found that it was much quicker than using PP.

Unzip it to a new directory and double click on the Mckbd.exe file to run it. There is a quick guide to get you started in the PROFESSOR MACCANN.pdf file. To un-install it, just delete the directory.

Professor Maccann's Keyboard Designer (445KB)

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I've been interested in pitch and temperament of old concertinas for quite a while, but couldn't find an electronic tuner, or any software, that helped me investigate further. This little program does half the job, by producing notes at old concertina pitch frequencies, and in unusual temperaments (scales). If I had enough time, I'd like to add a frequency measurement part, but for now you'll have to rely on your ears to detect beats. And remember that the accuracy depends on your sound card, and the frequencies it indicates that its producing should be used with caution. I'll consider adding more pitches and temperaments if there seems to be a need.

Unzip it to a directory and double click on the WavGen.exe file to run it. Using it shouldn't need any explanation - but if people seem to be having problems, I'll think about writing a few paragraphs. But don't expect me to explain pitch and temperament, as there a lots of better explanations than I could give elsewhere on the Internet. To un-install it, just delete it.

Tuning and Temperament Aid (214KB)

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