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I've been asked to post 'before' and 'after' audio for the two items here.

ValseBleuLabel (53K) The Red Band - Valse Bleu
7 inch G&T 332 recorded 1901
Replay speed 74rpm
Original Recording
Processed Recording
G&T3297 label (51K) Monsieur Polin - L'Anatomie du Conscrit
7 inch G&T 32977 recorded 1904
Replay speed 70rpm
Original Recording
Processed Recording


RS1942 (36K) RS1944 (45K) RS1948-44-47 (51K)
1942 Parlophone Rhythm Style Catalogue
From personal collection
1944 Parlophone Rhythm Style Catalogue
From Tony P.
1948 Parlophone Rhythm Style Catalogue
1944 to 1947 Series Only
RS1947+ (33K)
1947+ Parlophone Rhythm Style Lists
By Frank Phillips and Wes Williams