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After ten years of being "under construction", I finally decided to give this site a complete make-over, and try to make it look like a proper website. In late 2012 I upgraded the site to unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth so I could add most of my collection of concertina 78rpms (then around 95 sides) as mp3 files. Since then I've added a discographies of Alexander Prince and other concertina players, and many more mp3 recordings.

I'll be adding more in the future. As well as more 78rpm audio files from concertina player, there will be new articles, and updates to other articles previously published. As I no longer have website space limitations, I'll try to add some of the old documents I've picked up over the years. I'm working on getting some cylinders transcribed too; one of my Edison cylinder players is slowly morphing into a Heath-Robinson-like contraption that will allow me to improve the reproduction over the horn and microphone setup I started with.

New additions to this site will be announced at the place where all us concertina geeks congregate - The Forums at Concertina.Net. I'd also like to recommend a few other sites, people, and organisations that I've been involved with in some way:

If you should want to contact me, just wave your mouse at the end of the copyright statement at the bottom of any page on this site. An 'Email me' link in red should magically appear.

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